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A safe place to dialogue about God. No condemnation. And if you are interested, it’s also a safe place to explore what a relationship with God, void of religion, can look like.

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As an infant cries out for their primal needs to be met, do you also cry out for answers to your deepest longings? Do I matter? Is there more to this life than all the pain? Is there a God, and if so does he care? The purpose of this space is simple – provide a place where you can safely dialogue regarding your doubts about the God of the Bible. No condemnation.

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Christian Author, Blogger, and Storyteller

All of us need a place to feel loved and known, and we all need to know that there is hope. I want you to know that here at Soul Cries we believe that all circumstances are hope-filled because all lives dwell within God’s love and power to change them. That includes you.

Whether you have questions or not you have the freedom here to dialogue about your doubts and questions regarding God. Not because any of us here have all the answers, but because we’ve discovered God is genuine and often very unlike what we assume. Soul Cries isn’t into shoving religion down people’s throats, but we are about introducing relationships. You with the God who is madly in love with you. If you’re interested in dialoguing more, we’re ready to listen. Until then, you’re welcome to take a look around. It’s a safe place.

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What If?

Six Questions That Invite You to Explore A Relationship With the Living God

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 Are you full of questions because you have discovered the world is no longer inviting, and the measures you’ve used to cope are no longer working? Are you finally at a place where you are losing hope?

What If? is a place where you can meet with Jesus through biblical text as you explore who God is, his ways, and his power for any who seek him. It provides gentle but pointed questions that draw you away from pat answers to consider what a relationship with God through Jesus Christ may look like.

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