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Do you wonder if there is a God and if so does he notice you? Does he care about your pain, and is he powerful enough to do something about it?  This space is a safe place to explore answers to your cries without condemnation or accusation. Here we offer you hope that can transform your life.

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As an infant cries out for their primal needs to be met, do you also cry out for answers to your deepest longings? Do I matter? Is there more to this life than all the pain? Is there a God, and if so does he care? The purpose of this space is simple – provide a place where you can safely dialogue regarding your doubts about the God of the Bible. No condemnation.

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About Robin L Seaton

Christian Author, Blogger, and Storyteller

All of us need a place to feel loved and known, and we all need to know that there is hope. I want you to know that here at Soul Cries we believe that all circumstances are hope-filled because all lives dwell within God’s love and power to change them. That includes you.

Whether you have questions or not you have the freedom here to dialogue about your doubts and questions regarding God. Not because any of us here have all the answers, but because we’ve discovered God is genuine and often very unlike what we assume. Soul Cries isn’t into shoving religion down people’s throats, but we are about introducing relationships. You with the God who is madly in love with you. If you’re interested in dialoguing more, we’re ready to listen. Until then, you’re welcome to take a look around. It’s a safe place.

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Life Repurposed, Stories of Grace, Hope, and Restored Faith

Compiled and edited by Michelle Rayburn, featuring RL Seaton

Life Repurposed book compiled by Michelle Rayburn and featuring RL Seaton, found on Amazon

Thirty-four stories of forgiveness, renewed joy, fresh faith, and refined hope to inspire you to experience your own story of transformation.

"God In My Loneliness" is the deeply moving story about the years Robin and her now deceased husband raised their son with autism. She speaks with transparency regarding intense loneliness, feelings of rejection, and a sense of overwhelm. Yet, her story doesn't leave you hopeless as she also shares how Jesus Christ met her in her in her loneliness with compassion and power. Her story offers hope for those who also suffer from loneliness, rejection, and overwhelm.


When We Have No Words

Part of the Love Offering Blog Series, by Rachael K Adams

In 1997 my first husband and I adopted John,* a beautiful five-year-old with non-verbal autism.

While John was still new to our home, one evening while eating dinner he burst into tears. I felt helpless knowing he couldn’t tell me what troubled him, so I quietly cried out, “God please tell me why he’s crying!”...

Ashes to Diamonds: A Story of the Power of Gratitude

Part of the Gratitude Series, Hosted by The Uncommon Normal

Just over eight years ago, I became the third mom to my new husband’s adopted sons. In the early years of our marriage, family life little resembled peaceful co-existence. My husband and I had both suffered the death of our previous spouses and so carried unhealed wounds into the marriage. Also, we each brought with us traumatized sons who had no desire to become a loving blended family...

A Look Inside My Anti-Anxiety Toolbox

A blogpost featured on Living By Design Ministries

I sat in the parking lot watching Christmas shoppers come and go like bees from a hive—hurrying to finish their shopping and get out of the weather.

I wanted a peaceful Christmas for my son, our first since my husband had passed.  

Yet, I dreaded entering the masses of people.

Anxiety pulsated through my body as though I was being electrocuted without any capability of shutting it down...

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