Soul Cries Podcast


As infants cry to have their primal needs met, do you also cry out for answers to your deepest longings?

  • Do I matter?
  • Is there more to this life than all the pain?
  • Is there a God, and if so, does he care?
  • Is he powerful enough to make a difference?

On the Soul Cries Podcast, you’ll hear interviews from people who’ve been where you are yet have experienced powerful life change through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Will you hear pat answers or religious platitudes along the way? No, because life is too hard for that and religion isn’t the answer anyway.

This podcast offers:

  • Powerful resources for processing your own journey.
  • Insight for churches and families who want to be safer places for the hurting.
  • Hope no matter what your need.

Our host, Robin L Seaton, has experienced her own share of pain. It has taught her life isn’t easy, but God is powerfully able and willing to come alongside us in the pain. Just so you know upfront, Robin isn’t into “religion.” As a matter of fact, she avoids it. But she is into introducing hurting people to the God who lavishly, extravagantly loves them, and who is also powerful enough to change even the hardest things.

So welcome! You’ll find it safe here. Because you matter.

We believe that all circumstances are hope-filled because all lives dwell within God’s love and power to change them. That includes you.